Basic Crafting Terraria Recipes

Hello all lover Crafting Terraria, Games Online Guide today share for you read Basic Recipes Crafting Terraria- if you play this game. Here for you read Crafting the Main Element at Terraria and Terraria Crafting guide and Materials list

Basic Crafting Terraria Recipes

Basic Crafting Recipes
Item Name Components Tooltip Notes
Torch x3

Gel x1
Wood x1
Can be placed
Provides light
Sticky Bomb

Bomb x1
Gel x5
Tossing may be difficult
Sticks to surfaces
Wood Platform Wood x1 Can be placed
Semi-solid flooring
Hit the down key to fall through
Workbench Wood x10 Can be placed
Required to craft some items
Flaming Arrow x5

Wooden Arrow x5
Torch x1
7 Damage
Ammunition for Bows
Copper/Silver/Gold Coin x100 Silver/Gold/Platinum Coin x1 N/A Used to purchase items from NPCs
Silver/Gold/Platinum Coin x1
Copper/Silver/Gold Coin x100 N/A Used to purchase items from NPCs

Mana Crystal x1
Fallen Star x10 Consumable
Increases Maximum Mana
Increases player's max mana by 20 to a maximum of 200

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